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Wakefield Research is the country’s leading market research firm specializing in custom PR surveys.

Wakefield Research takes a built-to-fit approach to our custom PR Polling projects. We’re known for our ability to guarantee results for hard-to-reach business and consumer audiences. We frequently survey Fortune 100 C-Level executives, highly-specific business and technology roles, and low-incidence healthcare providers and patient populations.

Contact Wakefield Research for a consultation with our PR Polling experts. We’ll discuss your program and objectives and help determine which research design best meets your needs.


“Wakefield Research has been a trusted partner of MullenLowe PR nearly a decade. As the media and cultural landscape evolves, gathering compelling and ownable survey data has become a crucial tactic in driving earned results for our clients. The Wakefield team is instrumental in our success, working thoughtfully and efficiently to address our specific needs and delivering results that help us achieve business goals and produce award-winning work. Going beyond the data, what sets Wakefield apart is its people. They are savvy media experts, have learned our clients’ specific objectives, and make the experience a truly seamless and enjoyable one.”

Senior Vice President & Executive Director – MullenLowe U.S. PR

Here are just a few of the ways we help our clients:

1) We write the questionnaire for you. By relying on our knowledge of public opinion, we write the questions most likely to return newsworthy results. This means that you don’t waste omnibus survey questions on concepts unlikely to return useful data. We combine this with our knowledge of the media landscape to make sure that your data isn’t just interesting, but also newsworthy.


2) We write a Pitch Guide of results. The Pitch Guide shows you how to turn your survey data into a story customized for your target media. It’s written by our Editorial Panel of journalists and PR pros, and includes headlines, pitch angles and “snapshot-style” charts and graphs. This is part of what makes us the best in the industry at using omnibus PR surveys to drive news coverage.


3) We support you for the life of the data. We’ll proof press materials for data accuracy, answer questions from the media, and do what we can to make sure that you only need to focus on what matters: getting media coverage.


“The team at Wakefield Research was a pleasure to work with. From the very beginning, they understood the objectives of our campaign and made suggestions that would help us accomplish our ambitious goals. The Wakefield Research team was quick to correspond, provided meaningful feedback on our ideas and met every deadline we set for our project. Thanks to Wakefield, we saw our big idea turn into greater results than we had even imagined in just a couple days. BetterWorks received media coverage featuring Wakefield Research survey results in Associated Press, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and dozens of other publications.”

Sarah Hilmer
Head of PR – BetterWorks

Wakefield Research is the country’s leading market research firm specializing in custom PR surveys.

The Custom PR Poll Survey Advantage
If you want to field a PR survey of more than ten questions, then a custom PR survey is likely your most cost-effective option. If you have fewer questions, consider our omnibus surveys.


Specialized Target Audiences
Custom PR surveys are ideal for interviewing targeted audiences that do not make up a substantial percentage of the population, such as doctors or small business owners.


Building a News Bureau
You can increase the return on your survey dollars (and your opportunities for coverage) by building multiple news angles into a custom PR survey.


Identifying Large or Complicated Trends
Identifying complicated trends requires a substantial study in order to be credible with the media. This is only possible with a custom PR survey.

Who Can Use Custom Public Relations Surveys?

Wakefield Research fields custom PR surveys to audiences such as doctors, C-level executives, IT decision-makers, small business owners, teens and tweens, parents, teachers and many other audiences. Custom surveys allow you to add custom demographics, reach specialized audiences, and build a deeper story. If you are interested in learning more about how a custom PR Survey could benefit your company, contact us today!

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