What Is MergedMethod Research?

Wakefield’s MergedMethod is the only true hybrid research solution currently available. Balancing the best of both quantitative and qualitative, Wakefield Research’s combined research methods – MergedMethod – merges the “what” and “why” into a single, unified approach.

Wakefield’s MergedMethod research approach combines the best of all worlds:

  • Deep qualitative insights that only come from in-person consumer interactions with a concept. Live, in-person consumer interactions with your product or brand allows you to gain real-time qualitative consumer insight. Thorough feedback tells you – in participants’ own words – how your target audience feels and what they think.


  • Detailed quantitative data from large sample designs – so you know the rationales and “whys” uncovered are truly significant. The valuable, nuanced qualitative insights are layered on top of quantitative analyses and statistically significant findings.


How does Mixed Method Research overcome the limitations of traditional research?

By using MergedMethod, you can determine the functional benefits that matter most to your brand or product, the emotional benefits that drive decision making, and pain-points or barriers that need to be addressed.
• Live Exposure To Stimuli

Participants can interact with and react to products, packaging, advertising and videos in a secure, controlled setting.


• Results In Real-Time

Results are displayed live to observers and the moderator, allowing the team to intelligently direct qualitative discussion.


•Control For Group-Think

MergedMethod prevents outspoken participants from influencing others.



MergedMethod research costs less than multi-phase qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Hybrid Research Solutions

Hybrid research combines qualitative and quantitative market research to provide critical business insights for what consumers’ insights truly are and why consumers form the opinions that they do. Typically either a qualitative or quantitative research study acts as the anchor, and the other is used to provide additional insights that back up the main takeaways.

Wakefield Research’s mixed-method research services equip Fortune 500 companies to make the best business decisions possible. Start your hybrid market research with Wakefield today.

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