U.S. Cement and Ready-Mix Concrete Markets Sample Market Research Report

Goal: Uncover Ready-Mix Concrete Industry Insights for Market Entry

This project was designed to inform a company considering entry to the cement and ready-mix concrete markets. The primary objective was to analyze the current market landscapes and key players to determine if market entry is feasible.

The Scope: Entire Competitive Analysis with Market Growth Projections

The report profiled 18 prominent U.S. cement and ready-mix concrete manufacturers. In addition, the analysis explored the size and growth forecasts for both markets.

Analysis Summary:

As cement, and especially ready-mix concrete (RMC), are difficult to ship over long distances, no single company maintains a dominant stake in the U.S. markets. Nonetheless, these markets do include a number of large multi-national corporations. Most of these companies are vertically integrated and own quarries for the production of cement and other materials, which they then use to manufacture RMC. With leading positions in both the U.S. cement and RMC markets, CEMEX and LafargeHolcim are two of the larger companies operating in this space.

Generally, the U.S. cement and RMC markets move in unison, and their future success is dependent on the level of construction activity. In 2018, the U.S. cement market was worth $9.7 billion, while the U.S. RMC market was worth approximately $33 billion. Over the next five years, both markets are expected to grow at relatively modest rates.

Both markets are characterized by a high level of merger and acquisition activity as large companies look to expand into new territories by acquiring existing manufacturers. Additionally, several companies have also achieved vertical integration and established a presence in both markets by acquiring their upstream cement suppliers or downstream RMC purchasers.

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