Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Sample Market Research Report

Goal: Uncover Electric Vehicle Charging Industry Insights for Market Entry

The objective of this project was to provide visibility into the market for electric vehicle charging stations, with the goal of helping a client decide about potentially entering the market.

The Scope: Provide Market Projections, Dynamics & Size with Competitive Data

The analysis examined the size of the market, the major manufacturers and operators, current market dynamics, and future market growth opportunities.

Analysis Summary:

Significant growth is expected in the electric vehicle charging stations market, with the current infrastructure lagging far behind what will be needed to support vehicle sales in the coming years. A lack of charging infrastructure for US consumers is viewed as a major barrier to the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Various public and private entities are taking steps to address this, with activity expected to ramp up significantly over the next ten years. As a young industry, elements of the market are due to shift, particularly the evolution of charging technology and further consolidation among key players in the market.

The landscape of the companies that operate charging networks has changed recently due to new entrants, while faster charging and wireless charging capabilities may be set to further disrupt the infrastructure technology.

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