Standards & Practices

Professional Standards

Wakefield Research is dedicated to providing our clients with ethical and best-in-class research. We strictly adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics and Practices set forth by the American Association for Public Opinion Research:
• We shall exercise due care in developing research designs and survey instruments, and in collecting, processing, and analyzing data, taking all reasonable steps to assure the reliability and validity of results.

• We shall recommend and employ only those tools and methods of analysis that, in our professional judgment, are well suited to the research problem at hand.

• We shall not knowingly select research tools and methods of analysis that yield misleading conclusions.

• We shall not knowingly make interpretations of research results that are inconsistent with the data available, nor shall we tacitly permit such interpretations.

• We shall not knowingly imply that interpretations should be accorded greater confidence than the data actually warrant.

• We shall describe our methods and findings accurately and in appropriate detail in all research reports.

• We shall avoid practices or methods that may harm, humiliate, or seriously mislead survey respondents.
• We shall respect respondents’ concerns about their privacy.

• We shall provide all persons selected for inclusion with a description of the survey sufficient to permit them to make an informed and free decision about their participation.

• We shall not misrepresent our research or conduct other activities (such as sales, fundraising, or political campaigning) under the guise of conducting research.

• Unless the respondent waives confidentiality for specified uses, we shall hold as privileged and confidential all information that might identify a respondent with his or her responses. We also shall not disclose or use the names of respondents for non-research purposes unless the respondents grant us permission to do so.

Document Non-Retention

Wakefield Research also retains a strict document non-retention/destruction policy for all projects unless otherwise agreed to in writing at project commencement. This means that hard copies of background and/or research materials (including but not limited to papers, CD-ROMs, DVDs, poster boards, product packaging, product samples, and prototypes) are retained for a period of 10 business days following delivery of the final research report by Wakefield. After that period, materials are destroyed by shredding or other proven means to destroy such media.

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