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Wakefield’s Market Intelligence team conducts research across a wide variety of consumer and B2B industries, ranging from maternity wear to electric vehicle charging technology. Research can include everything from market sizing to cost modeling and competitor analysis. See examples of our Market Intelligence work by clicking on the abridged case studies below. For help with your market intelligence, quantitative and qualitative research needs, contact Wakefield Research today.

Consumer – Apparel

Maternity Wear Market – investigating the market size, industry forecasts, and competitive landscape.

B2B – Automotive

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure – analyzing the key players and trends shaping the industry.

B2B – HR & Payroll

HR Services & Payroll Outsourcing Market – analyzing the competitive landscape and evaluating the industry’s major players.

B2B – Telecom

Fixed Wireless Broadband Competitive Landscape – profiling of fixed wireless broadband providers in the U.S. Midwest.

Consumer – Services

Dating Services Market – profiling of U.S. online dating services offerings and key players.

Consumer/B2B – Transport

Electric Scooter Rental Market – an investigation into the competitive landscape, regulation and market dynamics in U.S. cities.

Consumer – Automotive

Best Cities for Car Ownership – ranking the best cities to own a car among America’s 20 most populous metropolitan areas.

B2B – Construction

U.S. Cement and Ready-Mix Concrete Markets – analyzing the current market landscapes and key players to determine the feasibility of market entry.

Consumer – Technology

Smart Home Market – providing insights into the size and projected growth of the global smart home market.

Consumer – Healthcare

U.S. CPAP Market – exploring the Continuous Airway Pressure (CPAP) device market, including device features, manufacturers, and market size.

B2B – Military & Civil

Aerospace Head-Up Display (HUD) Market – an investigation into market size and growth forecasts and an overview of the competitive landscape, market trends and new technology.

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Wakefield Research offers the best-in-class research practices with expertise in a wide range of industry verticals.

We serve as a market research firm to the world’s most recognizable brands and agencies, including 50 of the Fortune 100.

If you have questions about the various types of Market Research that we offer or if a certain type is right for your business situation, please contact us today.

"Simply put, Wakefield both listens and hears. It’s clear that they want to get the research right and that means understanding the client’s goals."

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"Wakefield Research has consistently demonstrated professionalism, receptivity, creativity, and a deep understanding of the issues affecting our business. Wakefield's team of engaged managers, skilled analysts, and seasoned journalists provide insightful analysis and thought leadership."

Michelle Homes Craig
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SAP Concur

"I have worked with Wakefield over the past few years on multiple projects and have always found their work to be truly insightful."

Marketing Director – Electrolux

"The Wakefield team was extremely knowledgeable and professional and went the extra mile to ensure the project was a success."

U.S. PR Manager – Microsoft Corp.

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