Product Design Research

What Is Product Design Research?

Great product design and effective packaging execution allows products to speak for themselves – without ever saying a word.

Wakefield Research’s portfolio of product design research methodologies was created specifically for understanding product and packaging design and consumers’ reactions. Unlike other design research firms, Wakefield’s approach uses a variety of specialized hybrid research methodologies that combine the best of both worlds – quantitative and qualitative research.

In most cases, quantitative design insights are gathered through in-person reactions to a product concept, prototype, or mock-up. That data is then blended with in-depth, nuanced qualitative feedback – which participants provide in the session alongside their quantitative data.

Why Packaging Research and Product Design Surveys Are Beneficial for Your Business

Why are our product design surveys and packaging research methods used by the world’s most prominent brands? It’s because our methods are proven to get results. Some of our successful product release stories include:

  • Our product design research methodologies led to some of the most successful video game system releases ever for Nintendo, from Wii and DS to peripherals like Wii Fit.
  • Wakefield is the design research firm behind Electrolux’s most successful global small appliance to date – the Ergorapido line of vacuum cleaners.
  • For CPG products ranging from cleaning supplies to cosmetics, Wakefield’s product design research has been used to create packaging and point-of-sales materials that deliver impact on the store shelf by standing out in ways that truly matter to consumers.
  • Wakefield’s product design research has been used for competitive testing of consumer electronics alongside leading competitor brands to determine how best to convey key consumer attributes – like quality and durability – to prospective buyers.
  • For a leading global spirits brand, Wakefield’s product design research tools were used to create bottle designs that would tell consumers – without having to rely on written product messages – about the high-end, premium nature of the product inside.


We Provide Specific, Tangible Product Research Recommendations

Time and again, design insights stemming from our product research improve global preference among target consumers and expansion audiences. While other design research firms may provide broad considerations or “thought-starters” on where to go, Wakefield’s approach delivers specific, tangible recommendations based on quantitative data and qualitative explanation. Our approach is built around an understanding of the feedback and insights that designers want and that engineers respect.

Wakefield’s methods are optimized to include key stakeholders. Engineers, designers, and marketers all play key roles in the research, ensuring that design feedback is practical and actionable.

Our Design Research Speaks To Both Hearts And Heads.

Years of experience working alongside designers and engineers have taught us that product design research works best when it combines specificity and practicality with emotional considerations from consumers like values, feelings, priorities, and needs. Our approach does exactly that.

Wakefield’s design research tools measure the impact of a product or packaging design along two spectra: the emotional impact and the functional impact.

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