Maternity Wear Market Sample Market Research Report

Goal: Gauge Opportunity for Product Expansion in the Maternity Wear Market

The objective of this project was to provide insight into the market for maternity wear from the perspective of a company seeking to expand its product offerings.

The Scope: Provide Market Projections & Challenges with Competitive Intel and Demographic Trends

The report analyzed the market size, competitive landscape, and market growth forecasts, including demographic trends and potential disruptions to the market.

Analysis Summary:

Changing demographics, both in the US and globally, will result in continued growth in the maternity wear market over the coming years. Few barriers to entry make it feasible for new companies to enter this market and compete with top brands. New companies, along with a new generation of parents, are disrupting the brick-and-mortar market, with online shopping taking precedence over in-store shopping.

The millennial generation of mothers is a more career-focused demographic who wait longer to have children, while also working later into their pregnancy. This trend indicates that companies should adapt and introduce a larger assortment of apparel for a customer base that has greater disposable income and a demand for fashionable styles and organic materials. At present, there are a minimal number of “luxury” maternity offerings, which could represent an untapped market given the changing demographics.

The maternity wear market has low concentration, but the potential for success is dependent on understanding the generational shift, the value of e-commerce, and the importance of a strong online presence over reliance on traditional stores.

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