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Survey Programming & Hosting

Wakefield offers a variety of support services for research professionals looking for assistance in completing some or all of their survey initiative. Wakefield’s team of survey fieldwork experts can program, deploy and monitor your survey in real-time to ensure you have decision-grade data on time. Wakefield’s Research Support Team will conduct extensive QC checks during soft-launch, throughout the fieldwork timeline, and also upon completion to make sure data is top-quality and representative of the survey audience.

Data Processing & Cross-Tabulation

If you’re not a research professional trained in SPSS or SAS, or you’re just a researcher who’s looking to save time, Wakefield can process and tabulate research data for you – even if we didn’t help you collect it.

Poring through market research data is cumbersome and can be very time-consuming, so let us prepare you a report that’s easy to digest and makes finding the answers you’re looking for as fast and painless as possible.

Wakefield offers a variety of reporting options ranging from the basic to the more complex:

• Frequency report: the answers to your questions in an easy-to-digest format
• Cross-tab banners: a look at your data among key sub-audiences – like gender, age, region, or ethnicity
• Data weighting: accounting for under-represented audiences in your data
• Complementary statistics like means and nets: find the average answer among numeric response sets, or combine responses to find a net answer
• Statistical testing between groups: identify statistically significant differences between data points among different audiences

Market research data processing doesn’t need to be difficult. Wakefield can accommodate any project no matter its scope or scale. Contact us to discuss which option best suits your data processing needs and budget.

Open-Ended Response Coding

Responses to open-ended questions coded by computers lack specificity and often miss the mark.

The main benefit of asking an open-ended question is the nuance and detail you don’t get from a rigid response set, so it’s important that the words of your respondents don’t get marginalized in your code frame.

At Wakefield, we’re fully staffed with research professionals trained in survey response coding. All of our code frames are meticulously hand-built, while other companies use automated software solutions.

Our team is here to ensure your verbatim code frames fit the story you’re trying to tell with your data.

Our attention to detail and ability to meet tight deadlines makes the verbatim response coding process as seamless as possible for you and your team.

We’ll take your survey responses, review them carefully, and present you with a code frame that groups verbatim answers into buckets that align with your data narrative. Once you’ve approved it, we’ll code all the data and deliver you a clean, organized and interesting response set in short order.

Let Wakefield Research take the heavy lift of open-ended response coding off your plate for an affordable cost.

Best-in-Class Research Across a Range of Verticals

Wakefield Research offers the best-in-class research practices with expertise in a wide range of industry verticals.

We serve as a market research firm to the world’s most recognizable brands and agencies, including 50 of the Fortune 100.

If you have questions about the various types of market research that we offer or if a certain type is right for your business situation, please contact us today.

"Simply put, Wakefield both listens and hears. It’s clear that they want to get the research right and that means understanding the client’s goals."

Director, Strategy –

"Wakefield Research has consistently demonstrated professionalism, receptivity, creativity, and a deep understanding of the issues affecting our business. Wakefield's team of engaged managers, skilled analysts, and seasoned journalists provide insightful analysis and thought leadership."

Michelle Homes Craig
VP, Thought Leadership & Integrated Marketing
SAP Concur

"I have worked with Wakefield over the past few years on multiple projects and have always found their work to be truly insightful."

Marketing Director – Electrolux

"The Wakefield team was extremely knowledgeable and professional and went the extra mile to ensure the project was a success."

U.S. PR Manager – Microsoft Corp.

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