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PR Polling

Wakefield is the leading PR Polling agency. Our team of journalists, marketers, and opinion research experts understand what is required for research to support earned media outreach.

Thought Leadership

The world’s most prominent brands work with Wakefield when they need compelling thought leadership research. Wakefield is a leading provider of thought leadership research to both large and emerging brands, including 50 of the Fortune 100.

In the News

From the Associated Press to the TODAY Show, our surveys are featured daily in the world’s leading top-tier media.

Turning Surveys Into Stories

Wakefield’s Editorial Panel includes former journalists from top-tier media such as USA Today, ABC News, NPR and elsewhere.

The Editorial Panel is the idea machine behind Wakefield Research’s surveys for public release. They are an in-house team of writers and journalists who understand how the media works, who can identify narratives in news and culture, and know how to tell a compelling story through data.

The Editorial Panel’s job is to ensure that your survey data becomes a story. They write the questionnaire for you and develop a Pitch Guide showing you the best way to talk about the study with the media—complete with headlines, pitch angles, and full-color charts and graphs.


“I’ve been with my agency, Red Havas, for 16 years now. Two years in, I was tasked with obtaining additional quotes from third party researchers for our largest client. We went with Wakefield—and we made the right decision. Over the past 14 years, we’ve completed more than 50 projects with them for multiple clients. Wakefield has been our go-to source for third-party research because we always have a positive experience with on-time deliverables; we (and our clients) trust the results; and we just plain like working with the Wakefield team.”

Senior Vice President
Red Havas

The Editorial Panel’s mission is to understand and own the media landscape on any topic, identify which stories are worth telling in that space and to advise our partners on how data can be used to tell a newsworthy story.

They are the best in the industry at crafting questionnaires that have the proper mix of creative and compelling questions.

Here are just a few of the ways we help our clients:

1) We write the questionnaire for you. By relying on our knowledge of public opinion, we write the questions most likely to return newsworthy results. This means that you don’t waste survey questions on concepts unlikely to return useful data. We combine this with our knowledge of the media landscape to make sure that your data isn’t just interesting, but also newsworthy.


2) We write a Pitch Guide of results. The Pitch Guide shows you how to turn your survey data into a story customized for your target media. It’s written by our Editorial Panel of journalists and PR pros, and includes headlines, pitch angles, charts and graphs. This is part of what makes us the best in the industry at using PR surveys to drive news coverage.


3) We support you for the life of the data. We’ll proof press materials for data accuracy, answer questions from the media, and do what we can to make sure that you only need to focus on what matters: getting media coverage.


“All I have to say is WOW!!! We are incredibly impressed and pleased with how well this survey came out! We love the story that the data is telling – and it’s not just me, both my CMO and SVP of Technology are very excited about this. The Pitch Guide is really helpful…Thanks again for working with us on this and for quickly getting it done within the timeline.”

Director, Corporate Communications

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