Since some specific day in late 2016—November 9th, for example—have you been finding it difficult to concentrate at the office? It’s not just you.

The Atlantic reports that a new survey by BetterWorks, a goal-oriented software company, found that almost a third (29%) out of 500 “nationally representative” American workers have been less productive since the election.

“People spend time on Facebook, they go and look at cat photos and have some down time, and that’s fine. With all the political posts, it seemed like people were getting worked up, argumentative, and distracted,” Kris Duggan, the CEO of BetterWorks, told The Atlantic.

In addition, the survey found that 87% of participants read political posts on social media throughout the day (because how can you escape them, really); 50% said they saw a political discussion turn into an argument at their workplace. BetterWorks even reported that some companies said the election result had become an “HR challenge.”

It’s a small study, but one that undoubtedly resonates with many in this political climate. But how do we balance?

“I don’t think you can say we’re going to turn off Facebook, we’re going to turn off social media,” Duggan told The Atlantic. “…It’s a tight balance between letting people have a voice and being too tight on the workforce. It’s definitely an issue leaders should be thinking about right now.”


Source: Esquire