Here’s another reason to think twice about entering the water this summer. (You know, besides having a fear of sharks.)

In a new survey by Charmin, 62 percent of American adults said they pee in the ocean. What’s more, 48 percent indicated they’d done it more than once.

The motive for some might be to avoid the stinky alternative. The survey revealed that 54 percent believe beaches have the worst bathroom conditions, well beyond airplanes (23 percent), the gym (11 percent) and movie theaters (11 percent.) And the most common word used to describe beach facilities? “Gross.”

The “Don’t Pee in the Sea Survey” of more than 1,000 respondents is meant to support the Charmin Relief Project campaign to supply clean beachside portable bathrooms stocked with — you guessed it — Charmin toilet paper, the company said in a release.

But when it comes to being in water, it seems that when you gotta go, you gotta go.

One in five people reportedly pee in the pool. (Even Michael Phelps has done it, and he says “everyone” is guilty.) Heck, George Costanza even relieved himself in the gym shower, and “Seinfeld” fans know what happened there.

Source: The Huffington Post