Wrinkles and gray hair are all part of the natural aging process, right? It’s an inevitable conclusion to youth. But, according to the Huffington Post, some women are prepared to make major sacrifices to slow the aging process. A study, conducted by Elizabeth Arden, polled people online to find out how far women are willing to go to look younger, in terms of creature comforts to ditch. For example, sex. In fact, 21 percent of people said they’d be willing to give up sex for a year in order to look younger.

According to the HuffPo, “63 percent of women don’t use anti-aging products daily.” Meaning: Many women would rather make a one-time sacrificial bargain with a fairy godmother than actually commit to a skincare regiment that would have long-term results. And, it does sound appealing — what’s one year of no social media, sex, or cell phones compared with everlasting youth? A girl can dream. Or, we can make the collective decision to stop obsessing over things we can’t change, and then go out and buy more sunscreen.

Source: Refinery29