Americans eat 3 billion pizzas every year – and many of those will likely be enjoyed today as pie-lovers celebrate National Pizza Day (February 9). In recognition of the day, Wakefield Research conducted an omnibus survey to learn more about Americans’ preferences of this cherished chow.

Consider this: Americans’ love for pizza pie is so serious that nearly a quarter (24%) of Americans would rather go an entire year without sex than pizza. Women (30%) are far more willing than men (18%) to prefer pizza over passion.

Pizza Day Blog 2.9.18

This profound pizza love means devotees aren’t let a single bite go to waste, as nearly all (95%) American pizza eaters frequently eat the crust. Men (71%) are significantly more likely than women (60%) to never opt out of a crust chow-down. Perhaps the ladies are watching their carbs – or they’re strategically saving room for more saucy slices.

When it comes to side-dish staples for a pizza party, the winners are:

  • Breadsticks or garlics knots (40%)
  • Chicken wings (37%)
  • Salad or other vegetables (36%)


Boomers are more likely to try to make a well-balanced meal out of pizza night, while young people prefer digging into fried favorites. Indeed, Boomers’ go-to side-dish is salad (45%), compared to just 24% of Millennials who choose veggies. Millennials are torn between breadsticks (50%) and chicken wings (50%) as their top pie accompaniments, compared to Boomers (33%, 24%).

If you’re out of room after downing delicious side dishes, you can always save those slices in the fridge. The majority (55%) of Americans love cold pizza. Men are the biggest fans of leftover pie, with 63% loving a cold slice of heaven, compared to just 48% of women.

Whether you’re a pizza purist or a side-dish devotee, be sure to pick up some celebratory slices in honor of National Pizza Day!