In a recent survey commissioned by Citi, 66 percent of Americans have noticed an increase in their commuting costs. Workers across the nation reported spending $2,600 annually on commuter costs. The highest were Los Angeles residents at $16 a day. Chicago and San Francisco were the lowest, with residents spending at least $11 a day.

Despite high gas prices, 77 percent of commuters said they still prefer to commute by driving their own car. Most Americans, 79 percent, reported spending most of their commuting money on gas, followed by 14 percent whose commuting costs go towards public transportation.

But money isn’t the only cost of commuting.

Census data reveals quickest commutes

Workers spend 200 hours commuting each year. New Yorkers have the longest trek with an average 73-minute commute, followed by Chicago residents with 64 minutes a day.

3,500 consumers across the U.S. participated in the survey.

Source: NBC News