Have you ever heard a woman over the age of 21 say, “Gee, I wish I looked older”? We haven’t, either. We already know that ladies are willing to give up ample time and money in attempts to counteract the aging process, and thanks to a study conducted by Elizabeth Arden, we learned today that they’re willing to sacrifice much, much more in exchange for a bit more youth.

The beauty company polled its online audience to find out what modern conveniences and beauty standards women would ditch in order to look younger. 76 percent of respondents would be “willing to do something extreme,” including:

  • Giving up social media for a year (33%)
  • Getting a cosmetic procedure (24%)
  • Letting their roots grow out (22%)
  • Giving up sex for a year (21%)
  • Giving up their mobile phone for a year (19%)
  • Working 7 days a week (17%)

More disturbing, 45 percent of those polled are more worried about “aging gracefully” than they are about saving for retirement. It’s a good thing these outlandish exchanges offered above would never actually occur, as these women with newly lengthened lifespans would have no savings to stand on.

Still, 63 percent of women don’t use anti-aging products daily. Call us crazy, but slathering on a little cream each day seems a whole lot saner than giving up sex. What would you give up to drink from the fountain of youth?

Source: The Huffington Post