Carving out time for yourself during the day — free from obligations to your work, partner or kids — is one of life’s great pleasures.

And it may be even more important (and desirable) than sex.

Out of 500 women polled by Celestial Seasonings, 76 percent would choose “me time” over sex, if they had to pick one or the other. And honestly, we can’t say we’re all that surprised.

The survey also revealed how little time women actually have to themselves — 42 percent of respondents reported having less than an hour of “me time” each day.

More worryingly, 75 percent of women have told white lies, like saying they’re sick or already have plans in order to work some “me time” into their day. Clearly, women are uncomfortable prioritizing themselves — something we all have to get over.

Whether it’s vegging out in front of your favorite TV show, savoring a cup of coffee or meditating for 20 minutes, be sure to slot some alone time into your day — and don’t feel guilty about doing so.

In an October 2011 blog post, Christina Norman asked: “Why am I willing to give up my own sanity and balance to maintain everyone else’s? Why does the risk of being perceived as selfish make it okay to deprive myself of what I need?” She recommends that you put yourself “back on the list,” making your own well-being a top priority.

Hopefully there’ll still be time for sex and alone time once you do.

Source: The Huffington Post