We’ve all heard the joke about asking “what’s your sign” as a pick up line, but if you’re looking to gain some insight on a prospective partner’s sexual proclivities, the question might actually be a good one. According to a new survey from the condom brand SKYN, astrology can tell us a little bit about what the signs prefer in sex and dating.

Skyn surveyed 2,000 people ages 18 to 38 in the U.S. and Canada, asking them about their sexual habits and preferences. Along with breaking down stats by gender and age, they also looked at the respondents’ astrological signs to gain insight on which sign is more likely to prefer various things in sex and dating.

This is helpful not just to read a potential partner (remember, you shouldn’t assume what someone likes sexually even if you do know their sign — you always have to ask for consent!), but also to get better acquainted with yourself. Depending on what your sign likes, you can explore the aspects you might not have before to better learn what you like or don’t like sexually. And of course, just because other people who are the same sign as you like or are experimenting with something, it doesn’t mean you will like it or want to experiment with it. Take all of this with a grain of salt, but if you want to know what signs reported liking lube, which one is likely to call you by the wrong name, and which is having the most sex, read on.


While Aquarians reported that they don’t like to have sex outside of a bed, and are the least likely of the signs to have a threesome, they are all about sex accessories. According to the report, Aquarius respondents most often use sex toys when they masturbate, with 42% saying they use a toy all or some of the time. On top of that, 51% of Aquarius respondents said they use lube during sex all or some of the time, putting them in the top spot of signs who love lube.


While Pisces are known for being emotional and sensitive, they reported bold confidence in the bedroom. According to the report, 27% of Pisces respondents said they’ve filmed themselves and their partner during sex more than once. And they said they don’t just limit themselves to one partner — Pisces are more likely to have been in an open relationship, as 30% of respondents said they had been at least once. Sticking to their head-in-the-clouds tendencies, though, Pisces are the most likely sign to call their sexual partner by the wrong name. Oops!


Aries are closely equated with rams, but in the bedroom they can be like a camel. According to the survey, Aries were most likely to report not having sex for long periods. After having sex for the first time, the survey found that 28% of Aries said they had gone more than two years without having sex. When they do have sex, Aries also like to take their time. According to the survey, they are the sign who have sex for the longest period of time, averaging at 31 minutes.


Taurus respondents said they’re ready to kiss social media goodbye if it means no sex — according to the survey, 72% of bulls said they’d rather give up social media for a year than give up sex. When they’re having sex, though, Taurus respondents were the least likely to want to get freaky, with 47% saying they don’t want more kink or fantasy in their lives.


You won’t catch a Gemini faking an orgasm, according to this report, but when it comes to telling you how many sexual partners they’ve had, Geminis are most likely to fudge the numbers. Of those who participated in the survey, 21% said they’ve told a partner they’ve had sex with more people than they actually had. Unlike a Taurus, Geminis weren’t so sure about whether they’d rather give up sex or social media, with 59% saying they’d give up social media before sex.


According to the survey, Cancers are the sign having the most sex. Almost half of Cancers in the survey said they have sex more than eight times a month. They are also most likely to be having that sex outside the bedroom, with 78% saying they’d had sex somewhere other than a bed.


Leos are known for being bold, so it makes sense that they are the sign most likely to slide into the DMs to flirt. According to the survey, these lions also like to experiment with dirty talk during sex, with 47% saying it boosts their confidence when they hear it.


Sexuality may be fluid, but apparently it’s less so for a Virgo. The survey found that Virgos are the least likely sign to experiment with sexual fluidity, with 80% of respondents saying they aren’t open to having sex with people of genders they don’t normally hook up with. Still, 36% of Virgos in the survey said they are open to considering a sexual experience with two partners at the same time.


Libras apparently take their masturbation seriously, and good for them! According to the survey, Libras reported masturbating on average four times a week, though 25% of Libran respondents said they practice this specific form of self care more than five times a week.


The survey found that Scorpios are luckiest in the online love game, with 36% saying they had met a sexual partner through a dating app. Continuing the web trend, Scorpios also are most likely to buy condoms online, with 25% adding them to their cart. Offline, the survey found that Scorpios are the most likely of the signs to explore using handcuffs or other restraints during sex.


Sags love safe sex — as they should! According to the survey, Sagittarius respondents used condoms during sex the most of any sign, with 33% saying they used one every time. When having sex with someone with a penis, it’s best to use protection like a condom to avoid STIs and unwanted pregnancy. The findings weren’t quite the same when it comes to lube, though. Of those who responded, 38% said they never use lube during sex.


Capricorns are out there in the dating pool. According to the survey, 67% of Capricorn respondents said they weren’t in a romantic committed relationship. When Capricorns have sex, they experience multiple orgasms more often than the other signs, with 38% reporting that they usually have more than one orgasm during sex. On the other side, 14% said they never reach orgasm.


Source: Teen Vogue

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