The fact that women are concerned with aging is nothing new, but a recent survey has revealed just how far they would go to reverse its effects.

According to a poll conducted by Elizabeth Arden, an overwhelming 76per cent of women would be ‘willing to do something extreme’ in order to look younger, with 21per cent saying they would give up sex for an entire year.

The respondents were slightly less willing to ditch their cell phones, with only 19per cent saying they’d live without it for a year in exchange for a more youthful appearance.

Women also seem to prioritize their appearance over many, arguably more important, aspects of their lives.

Indeed, 45per cent of those surveyed said they were more concerned with aging gracefully than they were with saving up money for retirement.

Out of the ‘extreme’ things women said they’d do to look younger, a third said they would give up social media for a year.

Nearly a quarter – 24per cent – would resort to getting a cosmetic procedure in order to maintain their youthful look.

22per cent of respondents said they would let their roots grow out if it meant they could drink from the fountain of youth.

And 17per cent said they’d go to work seven days a week to counteract aging.

Despite the great lengths women would go to for younger looks, the poll found that 63per cent do not use anti-aging products on a daily basis.

Source: The Daily Mail