If you’re planning a wedding, as I am, you are most likely on Pinterest. And, like me, you might spend your nights searching through thousands of pins to try to figure out all the pretty details of your big day—the flowers, the cake, the table settings, and all sorts of crap that’s totally cute but totally unnecessary as far as the whole point of a wedding is concerned (see: mini-pine cone boutonnieres, ombre-frosted cupcakes, stacks of vintage books used as table numbers and so on).

But a new survey shows that we really, really care about those precious pins: According to a poll by David’s Bridal, 46 percent of brides won’t use wedding ideas their friends have pinned, like there’s some kind of “Pinterest dibs” going on. Which I think is actually pretty dumb.

Because, seriously, I don’t think you can call “dibs” on any ideas you find on Pinterest. First of all, everything on Pinterest is already being done by a bajillion other brides at their weddings, so if you really want yours to be a sparkly unique little snowflake, you have to go into a Pinterest-free cave and devise your own ideas.

Second, with so many women planning their weddings on Pinterest before they’re even engaged (which I was totally guilty of!), you shouldn’t have to restrict what you want for your big day because they happen to be the same as your pal’s non existent wedding details.

And, third, who really effing cares? If you and your BFF like mason jar candle holders or doily table-runners or Polaroid photobooths or streamers hanging from the back of your Chiavari chairs, does it really matter if you both have those things at your weddings? Plus, let’s just be logical here: I think I’ve pinned like 400 different bouquet options at this point—does that mean they are all off-limits?!

Sure, I love looking at the pretty stuff and I want my wedding to be full of that prettiness as much as the next gal, but that’s not what’s gonna make a wedding special. As long as no one steals my groom, I think I’m good.

Source: Cosmopolitan