A survey conducted for HomeGoods stores revealed that Ellen DeGeneres is Americans’ ideal guest at a holiday cocktail party, a December vacation with George Clooney at his Italian residence would be bellissimo, and Michelle Obama is the top choice to decorate a Christmas tree. Well, I hate to be a Cold Miser, but Ellen, George, and Michelle just checked their calendars, and they already have plans on the day of your event/trip – whenever that is. They’re booked, but thanks for asking.

Since there’s no chance that an actual celebrity will drop in on you over the holidays, let’s make this more interesting and open up the conversation to fictional characters (you never know!). Personally speaking, I’d be thrilled if David Brent of Wernham-Hogg swung by for my holiday bash. I’d plant him next to my wife’s single friends and just observe the magic. Plus, he’s a cinch to dance. I also wouldn’t mind taking a holiday to ‘America’s Playground,’ Atlantic City 1929. Gamble a bit, catch-up with Nucky Thompson, shoot someone. And if someone’s going to help decorate my Christmas tree, I insist that Ned Flanders and 30 Rock‘s Kenneth Parcell are involved.

What fictional characters would you most like to see this holiday season?

Source: Entertainment Weekly