Ah June, the peak of “wedding season.” A couple’s wedding day is an occasion they hope to remember for years to come. Unfortunately, a perfect day isn’t always in the cards for the lovebirds.

As it turns out, a recent Wakefield Research poll found that barely half of weddings go over perfectly (51%). Disasters range from a drunken or inappropriate toast (26%) to a fight between guests (23%) to a public argument between the bride and groom (6%).

Worst case scenario, if you attend enough weddings odds are in your favor that you will eventually witness someone getting left at the altar. It happens once in every 25 weddings (4%).

Maybe married couples are unrealistic when it comes to wedding planning.  7 in 10 Americans think that the bride and groom should agree on everything. It’s likely going to be the 22% of men who said that the bride should get the last word on the wedding plans that will live to see their 50th wedding anniversary.

If you’re attending a wedding as a guest (or always a bridesmaid and never a bride), feel free to skip the registry and just look in your wallet for the gift. Only 14% would say it’s tacky to give cash as a wedding gift.

When it’s time to get your boogey on, hope that the bride and groom blacklist those unbearable songs you can never seem to escape. 68% have a song they dread at weddings with the worst varying from “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge, “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC, and “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

As a side note, the 13% of Americans who chose to blacklist “Don’t Stop Believin’” must be punished.