Married couples are more likely to have sex once they’ve checked themselves into a hotel, says a new survey conducted by

Of the 1000 participants polled, 82 percent claimed they were more likely to get intimate during a hotel stay than in their own homes. In a somewhat more depressing statistic, 64 percent of those surveyed said that — even on Valentine’s Day — they were more likely to just watch TV with their significant other than actually, you know, touch them.

So, according to the numbers above, most Americans will have a better chance of getting their Valentine’s Day jollies in unfamiliar hotel rooms rather than their own bedrooms.

But keep your pants on, America! It’s also where you book that hotel room that matters. Simply put, one can’t expect to bring a companion to the sleazy motel by the underpass and expect to get lucky (unless, of course, there was some prior legal or illegal agreement consented to beforehand). One needs to book a more suitable hotel.

Luckily, Priceline has already determined the “most romantic” hotel in the United States by studying the instances of the word “romantic” within its favorable reviews. The winner? A Hyatt in St. Louis, which is hopefully staffed by an extra-meticulous cleaning crew.

For the many Americans who live nowhere near St. Louis, however, there’s still some time to call a nearby inn and book a room before Valentine’s Day.

(There’s still a chance you might not get any, but since you’re probably not going to be getting any at home, it’s worth a shot.)

Source: FOX News Magazine