Think back to when you last had fun? Hopefully it wasn’t too long ago!

USA Today showed Wakefield some extra love by featuring TWO PR surveys in today’s edition. This Snapshot featured data from a PR survey for Trident and Citizen Paine, which asked adults, “How many days ago did you last have fun?”

The survey ties in perfectly with Trident’s new global campaign, “See What Unfolds,” targeting gum chewers in their 20s and 30s, and aims to promote the intangible benefits and emotional impact of the product.

Wakefield’s survey found that 45% of adults had fun less than one day ago. Shockingly, the survey also revealed that a whopping 19% of adults can’t recall the last time they had fun. With Memorial Day right around the corner, everyone is in need of a little sunshine, a good barbeque, time spent with family and friends, and most importantly FUN.

Source: USA Today