Wakefield Research featured on CNN Newsroom

Wakefield Research is taking over the airwaves! Just this morning, one of our PR surveys was featured on CNN Newsroom today.

The Wakefield Research survey conducted on behalf of Citrix and Edelman PR delved into the dirty little secret that employees don’t want their bosses to know…what they really do when they work from home. Telecommuting workers were most likely to watch TV or a movie, followed by doing household chores, making dinner, napping, drinking and last but not least, playing videogames. As Slate, The Washington Post and Bloomberg BusinessWeek pointed out last week, working remotely isn’t about avoiding work – it’s about how much more efficient you can be when you can work outside of the office.

P.S. please excuse the amateur photo. In all our excitement, we were scrambling to take a photo of the screen!