Our work with Avanade, a business technology service provider, and Edelman PR has made the pages of The New Yorker!

Wakefield Research surveyed senior business and IT leaders in 17 countries and found that nearly 9 in 10 companies (88%) are allowing employees to use their personal computing technologies for business purposes. With the global survey results in hand, the Edelman PR team put their pitching experts to work and succeeded in getting ink for Avanade in one of the hardest media targets out there – The New Yorker. 

How’d they do it? By not trying to shoe horn the survey where it doesn’t fit and force a story. Instead, the account team figured out how to pitch the survey and make it part of a bigger story about BlackBerry’s financial difficulties since American workers began bringing their own device to work.

You can check out the study in the current issue of The New Yorker. To learn more about Avanade’s work with Wakefield, please read the Dispelling Six Myths of Consumerization of IT report.