Vending machine blog 7.26.13

From snacks to cigarettes, drinks to lottery tickets, even gold and jewels, vending machines seem to have it all.  The process of getting what you need on-the-go has been revolutionized by these dynamic devices.  But don’t let their shiny exterior fool you.  Studies show a desire for objects within those machines to be diversified – “vendom-ized” – and made more easily accessible.  Simply put, Americans want more!

  • Tired of resorting to fast food because of your busy lifestyle? Looking to munch on something healthy, but time is crunching your ability to eat healthy? You’re not alone – 40% of people would like easy access to a fresh fruit vending machine.
  • 16% of people would like easy access to a comfortable shoe vending machine, which is understandable considering the heels some women wear! Ladies, hop out of those heels and hop into comfortable shoes with the push of a vending machine button!
  • And for all you Van Goghs out there, you’re not alone. 7% of people would like easy access to an artwork vending machine.