What can the Palins, the Gosselins, and the Hogans learn from Tracy Morgan? The value of a negotiated divorce settlement. The Morgans recently reached an out-of-court settlement, sparing them the expense and pain of a hard-fought divorce.

Though sad, it was also a smart move, as seen in this recent USA Today Snapshot from a survey Wakefield conducted on behalf of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals.

As the Snapshot illustrates, higher income families are more likely to have a brutal divorce, but it’ an issue that affects everyone regardless of income level. More than one in five adults know someone “who got so caught up in ‘winning’ their divorce that their family life, work life or social life suffered.” One out of every four American males (26%) knows such a person. This is roughly 48 million Americans who know firsthand the toll divorce can take on someone’s life.