Wakefield Research’s product design research tools are helping to develop next-generation consumer products, including big-screen TVs. A recent study by Wakefield for Hisense, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, measured the impact of Hisense’s big-screen TV picture quality on consumers.

How did we do it? We masked the TV brands and asked consumers to evaluate, side-by-side, the quality of three TVs: Hisense 50H8C, Vizio E50UD2 and Samsung 50KU6300.

The results of Wakefield Research’s blind test indicate that consumers rate Hisense’s picture quality at the same level as premium brands like Samsung and significantly above a budget brand like Vizio. On average, Hisense scored within a statistically equivalent range of Samsung’s scores for: picture color, clarity, contrast, image sharpness, brightness and off-angle viewing. Hisense beat Vizio’s average rating by a significant margin in every single category.

Hisense unveiled the Wakefield Research study and its range of 4K Ultra HD TVs in New York City earlier this month. “This investment in research and development, efficient supply chain management and innovative manufacturing processes enable us to bring the best picture quality to consumers at more affordable prices,” according to Hisense USA CEO Jerry Liu.