Technology: Billions of Smartphones

Mashable provides an infographic of Web and business tools that start-ups use most. According to a recent Hewlett-Packard survey 93 percent of companies have placed cost concerns over the best information technology solutions, leading 89 percent of those companies to experience I.T.-related problems. T.J. McCue lists eight top online backup services for small businesses. Annual smartphone sales could reach a billion by 2016. Inc. magazine suggests the best software for the front office. Jason Hiner says the future of I.T. will be reduced to three kinds of jobs. Rob Enderle suggests the best tablet for business. Google releases a cluster of improvements to its Docs and Sites and buys a facial recognition start-up. Tech Republic offers a free download of Google keyboard shortcuts. But Roger McNamee says, “Google is done.” Bob Cringely predicts “the fading of the entire social media category.”

Source: The New York Times