The Wakefield Editorial Panel is on a roll with USA Today Snapshot editors! Just in the last week, Wakefield surveys have been featured in 5 Snapshots! The creative and newsworthy surveys covered a range of topics, such as smartphone usage, sleep habits and allergies. The findings include:

  • Watery eyes (89 percent) was the most common beauty challenge for female allergy suffers during allergy season, followed by a red nose (56 percent) and puffy face (43 percent).
  • When a website loads slowly on a mobile device, a little more than half (51 percent) of smartphone/tablet providers blame their mobile provider, while 49 percent blame the website.
  • More than half (55 percent) of smartphone/tablet owners would trust the Internet over their parents (45 percent) for ‘how-to’ advice.
  • Besides sleeping, half of Americans (51 percent) believe that the bedroom is for reading. Relaxing (28 percent), working (16 percent) and exercising (5 percent) were also activities people performed in their bedrooms.
  • Among the different types of videos that smartphone/tablet owners would like people to stop sharing on mobile devices, kids (23 percent) topped the list, followed by holiday greetings (22 percent) pets (21 percent), weddings (20 percent) and vacations (19 percent).