If Valentine’s Day didn’t work out the way you expected, maybe you live in a city with the most heartbreak.

A new report came up with a list of the most so-called heartbroken US cities. Methodology used by Credit Donkey to evaluate lost love and broken relationships included the length of marriages in each area, the number of dating services, how each located fared on the Gallup Well-Being Index, and, disturbingly, the rate of STDs (specifically gonorrhea) based on CDC data. “Nothing quite says heartbreak like a venereal disease.”

The winner, if you call it that, is Chicago. “Some call it the jazz capital of the world; others call it the basketball capital of the world. But Chicago is also the heartbreak capital of the world by our measure. With 16 dating services, there are a lot of people looking for love in the Windy City. But choose your partners carefully as chances are high you could end up with a broken heart or even worse — a case of gonorrhea.”

According to Priceline, Chicago is also the most romantic city in the country for Valentine’s Day, so your mileage may vary as it were.

Reacting to the heartbreak study, Chicagoist noted that “Overall we think our fair city bounces back from heartbreak pretty well. We’ve got a somewhat corrupt government and the Cubs to help us practice our methods of rebounding…”

Chicago also has a horrendous violent crime problem.

The Windy City was followed by, in order, Miami, New York CIty, Riverside, Calif., Houston, Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Diego, on the heartbreak list. Commenting on Chicago taking the top spot, Time noted that “No wonder everyone takes solace in thick pizzas, ketchup-free hotdogs, and improv classes.”

If you live in Chicagoland or one of the other nine locations, do you agree with the list of the cities with the most heartbreak?

Source: Inquisitr