August 2, 2023 | Blog

The Dogs Days of Summer (and Cat Days, and Bird Days, and Lizard Days…)



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August is National Dog Month, but summer isn’t the only time we should set aside to thank our fur babies (and scale babies and feather babies, too): a massive 95% of pet parents rely on their pet for stress relief, reveals the American Heart Association’s survey with Wakefield Research — which might explain why 69% admit they take better care of their pets than they do themselves.

And it’s not just in daily life that animals bring that special support pet parents have come to rely on. Wakefield’s survey of pet owners for PetSmart Charities’ reveals that a massive 86% feel the emotional support of their pet essential to them making it through a disaster. With that in mind, perhaps celebrating National Dog Month is about more than just giving Fido some extra treats and cuddles, but doublechecking your own emergency preparedness: 63% of pet owners aren’t sure whether nearby pet-friendly shelters were available to them in case of emergency.

Pets might be crucial for Americans’ day to day or in urgent situations—but they’re not welcome everywhere in the home. A Wakefield Valentine’s Day poll for PetSmart shows that nearly 3 in 4 pet owners (72%) take steps to keep their pets distracted and out of the bedroom when pet parents are—well, let’s say appreciating each other rather than their cats and dogs (and trust us — we know a thing or two about romance). What can we say: August is a hot month (pun intended), but it’s not always about the dog.

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