In today’s TechBytes, the big question is, What’s next for Apple now that Steve Jobs is gone?

Opinions are mixed.

While some analysts say Jobs left Apple in good hands, and the company is very strong right now, others, like Fordham University professor Paul Levinson, believe Apple will struggle without the charismatic Jobs.

“It’s tough to keep reinventing things and coming up with great new things each time, and Jobs was the main reason that Apple was able to do it,” Levinson said.

The question is whether Apple can follow Jobs’ vision as it adapts to a changing marketplace.

Wi-Fi Users Put Security at Risk

A survey finds that most Wi-Fi users know what they should be doing to protect their security, but not all of them do it.

The Wi-Fi Alliance says top mistakes are weak passwords, and not turning off automatic sharing.

Google Earth

And Google Earth celebrates a milestone. Since its start in 2005, the location app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

Source: ABC News