With tech companies constantly churning out new products, it sometimes feels as if our lives are becoming digitized faster than we can keep up.  A recent survey by Wakefield Research reveals that almost 79% of people believe that children in 2025 will never see some of the most iconic childhood products, such as landline phones, music on a disk or tape, paper books, or printed photographs.  If the thought of this scares or saddens you, here are some tips to avoid a complete tech takeover in your life:

  • Buy a photo album.  18% of people believe that printed photos will become a thing of the past by 2025.  Sure, Facebook makes it easy to click through 100 pictures at once, but there’s something about flipping through a photo album that adds the emotional value back into pictures.
  • Kids need to color.  The age children get an iPhone or iPad is getting younger and younger each year, but coloring is still essential in developing young children’s motor skills and self-expression.  16% of people believe that children in 2025 will never know a coloring book.  Pass down the joy of your first box of crayons to your kids—you’ll be sure to get a great decoration for your refrigerator door!
  • Just book it.  27% of people believe that paper books will be off the shelves by 2025.  While tablet reading is convenient, printed books create a sense of nostalgia that an iPad or Kindle can’t match.  Crisp pages, dog earing, and homemade bookmarks are all parts of the experience that make reading print books so great.    

While some of the survey items, such as CDs and landline phones, may have little emotional attachment, classic products like books are worth holding on to.  Trust us, Siri won’t be upset if you set her aside for the morning paper.