Did you eat your breakfast this morning? If you are like many Chicago-area residents, you most likely didn’t, choosing to forgo what some experts call “the most important meal of the day” in favor of hitting the snooze button an extra time or two.

September is National Breakfast Month, and a new survey by Wakefield Research on behalf of McDonald’s of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana found 45% of area residents admit they would prefer to skip their morning meal if it meant they could snag an additional 30 minutes of sleep*.

Numerous studies suggest the combination of hitting snooze and skipping breakfast may not be the best idea.

Proponents of breakfast often cite numerous health benefits associated with the morning meal including improved mental focus, increased energy, and overall better diet (IFIC). Similarly, many studies have shown the practice of “snoozing” can lead to disruptions in the sleep cycle, which can leave people feeling foggy and disoriented (Early Bird).

“I know it can be difficult to find time for breakfast,” said local McDonald’s Franchisee Tanya Lawrence, who operates several locations in the NW Suburbs and Chicago. “That’s why McDonald’s offers so many great-tasting, convenient options to help jump-start your morning.”

Eating on the Go:

For Chicago’s thousands of commuters grabbing breakfast on the run, the survey also found handheld breakfast sandwiches were the top choice, with 51% of respondents saying they were ideal to eat on the go.

“I’ve noticed that many of my morning customers want a breakfast that is quick, portable and can be eaten during their morning routine with sandwiches like the Egg McMuffin being popular options,” Lawrence added.

Perhaps, part of the appeal is not only the fact breakfast sandwiches are portable but can be enjoyed quickly with nearly one-in-five residents claiming they could eat one in less than a minute.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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