This week, a Wakefield Research survey, conducted on behalf of Bounty, was featured in the USA Today Snapshot.

Remember all the glitter and googly-eyes from grade school? Well someone had to pay for them – and for all the supplies to clean-up. We found 98% of teachers spend money out-of-pocket for school supplies every year, and 45% of teachers spend more than $300 annually.

The survey of 1,001 school teachers found that 94 percent of teachers believe that students learn better in clean classrooms.  Additionally, 51 percent of teachers report avoiding certain in-class projects or activities because they dread the clean-up afterwards. That likely explains why 42 percent of these busy teachers report they add cleaning to their list of daily duties.

The survey was conducted to promote Bounty’s Make a Clean Difference initiative. To learn more about how to get your local school community involved, visit

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