A nation of Wi-Fi moochers? If this keeps up, that might be the proper description. According to a trade group’s most recent survey, 32 percent of respondents admitted trying to use a Wi-Fi network that wasn’t theirs – that’s up 18 percent from a December 2008 poll.

The survey, published by the Wi-Fi Alliance, also found that about 25% of those surveyed likened the sharing of their Wi-Fi network password to being more personal than sharing their toothbrush.

Kelly Davis-Feiner, the marketing director for the group, noted that while most people are aware of the risks involved in not securing their Wi-Fi networks, “he reality is that many have not taken the steps to protect themselves.”

Wakefield Research carried out the polling for the Wi-Fi alliance last month.

Asked whether they attempted to access a neighbor’s Wi-Fi network sometime in the last 12 months, the respondents answered as follows:

  • 8%: Once
  • 17% Yes, A Few Times
  • 6% Yes, Many Times
  • 68% No, Never

Source: CBS News