Although we are nearing the finish line of summer, there is no reason to sacrifice all remnants of easy summer livin’.

A survey conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Turning Leaf wine and Hunter PR suggests partnering a take-out meal with a bottle of wine as a reprieve from the work-week grind.

Trying to impress even in a casual setting?  A little white lie (perhaps with a little white wine) never hurt anyone.

In fact, 34% of people admit to having passed off takeout food as home-cooked at some point.  When it comes to finding the ideal liquid companion, 29% of respondents list merlot as a favorite red and 28% list chardonnay as their top white.

Whether you have summer days full of leisure or summer days full of reminiscing about summer days full of leisure – there is always a quick way to uncork some late-summer fun.