No wonder the water’s warm!

Nearly two thirds of American adults pee in the ocean to avoid “gross” beach bathrooms, a new survey claims.

In the bathroom-centric study, 62 percent of beach-goers people admitted they use the ocean as a giant toilet — and 48 percent said they had done it more than once.

That’s because beach bathrooms are more disgusting than restrooms in airplanes, movie theaters and gyms, according to the survey, conducted by the toilet paper firm Charmin.

Roughly 54 percent of people said beaches have the worst bathroom conditions, 23 percent said airplanes, 11 percent said movie theaters and 11 percent said gyms.

Charmin interviewed more than 1,000 people for its so-called “Don’t Pee in the Sea Survey” — which also found the number one word people used to describe beach bathrooms is “gross,” above convenient, smelly and clean.

The survey is part of the firm’s “beach relief” effort to provide clean and well-stocked portable bathrooms at beaches around the country.

“Finding a clean and useable restroom is the last thing people need to worry about while enjoying their day at the beach,” said Scott Mautz, Regional Brand Director.

Source: New York Post