At the game, in the car, at home and even in the bathroom, sports junkies need their fix. And mobile devices are always there to deliver. Nearly 80% of sports fans who own a smartphone or tablet have used it in the past year to augment their fandom, according to a recent study commissioned by Motricity, which describes itself as a mobile marketing and advertising solutions provider.

What’s more interesting is the lengths fans will go to to read the latest news and scores.

Exactly half of sports fans have taken their device with them to the bathroom to check scores, in a 21st century update to the ‘on the can yet still a fan’ concept from the film Edtv. Roughly a quarter of fans have checked up on a game during a work meeting or while in the movies.

One in seven have sneaked a peek at church, and nearly one in five have done so while on a date.

If sports nuts could invent one sports app to further enhance the fan experience on their mobile device, the Motricity study found, 60% would choose to be able to view a game from an individual player’s helmet.

Nearly a third would like to send messages to coaches, and more than a quarter would like to be able to heckle referees or opposing teams’ players from their mobile device — something many fans already do.

With March Madness bringing a tidal wave of exciting basketball games during working hours this month, sports fans are sure to rely on their smartphones more than ever.

So if a coworker seems to be relying on his or her smartphone more than usual to send emails this month, be wary — 42% of fans say they’ve used email as a cover for checking scores.

The study surveyed more than 600 American adults who own at least one mobile device.

How much do you rely on your smartphone or tablet for scores and updates, sports fans?

Source: Mashable