You know that AT&T commercial in which a couple is enjoying a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, but the guy keeps checking the game on his phone? Well, apparently such bad behavior is fairly common.

According to a February survey by Motricity and Wakefield Research, 55 percent of device-toting sports fans have sneaked a peek at their phones during dinner.

And if you furtively check scores when you know you shouldn’t, you’re not alone. Nearly 1 in 4 fans has broken the rules of theater etiquette by checking scores at the movies, roughly 1 in 5 has risked romantic rejection by doing so on a date, and 1 in 7 has risked the wrath of a higher power by doing so at church, the survey says.

With March Madness in full bloom, it’s clear that mobile devices will play a major role in how we keep up with our favorite NCAA hoops squads. The survey shows that 8 of 10 fans have used smartphones or tablets to watch or follow sports this past year.

Perhaps the survey’s most fascinating factoid is the bathroom’s vital role in stealthy sports updates: 50 percent of sports fans have gone to the restroom to check scores, not to answer nature’s call.

So if you hear a guy in the toilet stall next to you shout out an enthusiastic “Yes!”–don’t be too alarmed.

But if a hand reaches over the stall for a celebratory high-five…well, use your discretion.

Source: PCWorld