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Nearly 3 in 10 women (29%) are regularly following more than one blog. Using a stat to spice up a post is a great way for mommy bloggers to make their blog stand out from the rest. Many women’s surveys return interesting and relatable data that can give bloggers something to talk about. Posts can take the tone of both stories and giveaways – both successful tactics for building a relationship with readers. Here are two blog stat success stories:

Turning a Stat into a Personal Story:

Blogger Jessica, of the blog Piece of Me, used a stat from an EPT study last year – 67 percent of expectant mothers saved their at-home pregnancy test – and turned it into an opportunity to share her own personal pregnancy test story. She then asked readers to share whether or not they saved their pregnancy tests – which they did in the comments.

Turning a Stat into a Giveaway:

The recent Moms’ Night Out survey and campaign from StubHub really struck a chord with moms everywhere. The fact that 83% of Americans think being a mom is the hardest job – yet nearly 2 in 5 mamas (37%) haven’t had a night out in the past year – is definitely something most moms can relate to. Blogger Jackie of P.S. Jackie summed it up best – “We are so busy doing for everyone else, that it never occurs to us to take a night off, not only to connect with friends, but with ourselves!”

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