Need a little motivation to get your sneakers on? This might just do it.

You know how people always talk about the endorphins they get from exercise and you always feel a little dubious that it’s really that great? It turns out that running might have the unexpected, but welcome, side effect of boosting your sex drive. So those feel-good endorphins? The real deal.

A new (and admittedly very small) study conducted by Brooks running shoes for something called National Running Day (?) in America this week asked 1000 people what they like about running, where they liked to run and so on. The clear stand-out statistic however was that 41 percent of the runners admitted to feeling extra “frisky” after a run.

Luckily for everyone, and saving a whole lot of awkwardness, science can really back us up on this.

As Maryanne Fisher writes in Psychology Today,

“Exercise that is performed over a sustained time leads to a so-called “runner’s high,” caused by the release of endorphins. These endorphins are stimulating, and as well as causing us to feel great, they stimulate the release of sex hormones.”

Studies have also shown that exercise improves circulation and blood flow, helps you to relax and makes you feel good about yourself – all key things when it comes to getting down.

As Tina M. Penhollow, Ph.D, associate professor of exercise science and health promotion at Florida Atlantic University told Buzzfeed,

“Sexual activity is as much mental as it is physical. A positive perception of self can raise self-esteem and make people feel sexy, confident, and attractive.”

Plus endurance and strength training is only going to help you out. If you get where we’re going here.

Source: ELLE