As you’re traveling to work, a wave of panic suddenly rises over you while clumsily fumbling through your briefcase for your most treasured items. Laptop, check. Glasses, check. Lunch, check. Wallet, check. Smartphone, check? 28% of adults say their smartphone is more important than their wallet to have with them at all times. With technology constantly evolving, people are now able to pay for essential items with the tap of their smartphones.

Given that smartphones are increasingly more valued, selecting the right one may be a challenge. When choosing a smartphone or tablet, adults consider the most important features: battery life (43%), operating system (39%), screen size (39%), app capabilities (33%), and 3G vs. Wi-Fi (30%). Clearly, people want to avoid the daily struggle of saving enough juice to make it home for one last phone call.

This week USA Today featured these two stats from the recent Wakefield Research PR poll for and Allison & Partners as back-to-back Snapshots. Check back for more examples of how Wakefield stats continue to earn top media coverage.