With the New Year come and gone and Valentine’s Day around the corner, no one wants to be left alone watching other couples flaunt their happiness and companionship. Finding that special someone is no easy task though, especially through traditional romantic avenues. In a poll conducted by Wakefield Research, the top three most romantic places to meet someone are on vacation (39%), through mutual friends (17%), and at a party (11%). With only a month left to find a Valentine’s Day date, the odds of meeting someone in storybook fashion are not in your favor. With only 2% admitting they find online introductions romantic, Americans are nonetheless rethinking their options.

From Christmas through Valentine’s Day, online dating sites see a surge in membership – upwards of 20-30%. While this dating method still may not resonate with everyone, people are taking more chances in hopes of spending Valentine’s Day – and ideally longer – with someone special. One in five relationships now stem from online dating. With a wide array of sites available, from group dates to pre-flight on-the-go setups, there is something unique for all the singles out there. The fear of missing out (#FOMO) is a powerful motivator, and it seems romance and fairy tales will continue to get a digital update in 2013.