Making a New Year’s Resolution can be a great way to take stock of what isn’t working in your life and redirect in a positive way. Yet, making a resolution is generally easier than keeping one, and the pressure to live up to these ideals can add undue stress for many throughout the early months of the year.

Taking heed of a recent survey from Wakefield Research that suggests 65% of Americans believe New Year’s Resolutions add stress during the winter months, Whole Foods Market is launching its Resolution Renovator. Seeking to add positivity and flexibility to these goals, the brand is tapping wellness advisors to offer a new, less-intimidating way of viewing them.

Starting the year mindfully

Created with popular TikTok creator Rudy Willingham, this platform also features fitness instructor Cody Rigsby, author Gabby Bernstein and wellness influencer Radhi Devlukia-Shetty. Through Jan. 26, consumers are invited to visit the website and choose which area they’re interested in improving, with the options of Mind, Body or Spirit. Answering a handful of questions to reveal their intentions, they will then receive tailored affirmations from professional advisors.

“At the top of the year, when many of us are setting new goals, the most important thing to remember is to root them in joy and love for yourself,” Rigsby said in a statement. “Our goal with Whole Foods Market’s Resolution Renovator is to move away from potentially stressful New Year’s resolutions in favor of motivational intentions that allow ourselves some much-needed grace.”

After completing the questionnaire, participants are entered to win a Well-Being Bundle that will include top Whole Foods items chosen by the platform’s motivators with 25 winners a day. In addition, three grand-prize winners will receive a personalized video from one of the motivators with an inspiring message relating to their 2022 resolution.

This is part of WFM’s “Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be Whole.” campaign. Rules and regulations can be found on the official website.

Source: AdWeek