Tomorrow is National Coffee Day. Are you planning on celebrating with a jolt of caffeine?

If you’re planning on honoring the holiday by visiting a coffee shop this weekend, get ready to wait in line! On average, specialty coffee drinkers are spending 7 minutes per day in line waiting for their drinks – or 2,555 minutes per year. That’s almost 2 entire days each year spent looking at the back of a stranger’s head!

Keep yourself and other patrons entertained by rattling off some fun facts while you’re stuck waiting in line. Wakefield conducted a PR survey on behalf of Nescafé Memento and Lippe Taylor PR and found:

  • Americans who consume specialty coffee drinks are spending, on average, over $400 a year on their foamy creations – equivalent to the cost of a 6-night Caribbean cruise.
  • 1 in 3 specialty coffee drinkers (32 percent) have gotten an eye roll from a barista just for making a special request in their order. Is this really how you want to start your day?
  • 2 out of 5 specialty coffee drinkers (39 percent) incorrectly think that a cupcake has more calories than their specialty café drink.