Parents – or anyone under 35 – might think of Wi-Fi on college campuses as a luxury – like clean laundry and food that has nutritional value. Yet for today’s undergrads, it’s essential to their college experience. A Wakefield poll for the Wi-Fi Alliance found that they would sacrifice dating, money, & beer for their Wi-Fi.

Frank the Tank would be so disappointed. Check this out: nearly half (48%) of college students would give up beer before giving up Wi-Fi.

They’ll even ditch dating. Yep, if it means saving their Wi-Fi, nearly half (49%) would give up dating for a semester, and nearly three quarters (72%) would wear their school rival’s team colors for a day rather than give it up.

Wi-Fi even competes with the holy grail of college living: money from home. More than two in five (42%) college students say that Wi-Fi is more helpful in getting them through the day-to-day than money from mom and dad.