‘Tis practically the season, everyone! Whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to dust off those oversized yard ornaments and untangle your twinkle lights because Thanksgiving will be here faster than you can cook a turkey. Especially since according to the Home Depot Holiday Survey of 1,000 U.S. adults aged 25 and up, the agreed-upon date for holiday decorating is the Saturday after you feast (AKA November 24th this year).

Though a majority of those surveyed believe this is the appropriate time to put up holiday decor, they remain pretty divided over when everything should come down. Though 53 percent are hard-set on starting fresh sans holiday decor before January 1st, others aren’t quite as pressed to end the holidays so soon.

“In fact, 30 percent of Northeasterners strongly disagree with the notion of taking down decorations before the first of the year,” explained the release, with only 17 percent of Southerners, 16 percent of Midwesterners, and 11 percent of Westerners in falling in that camp. Maybe it’s because the snow of the northeast renders twinkly lights extra adorable?

While the survey shared various other interesting incites into people’s holiday decorating habits, we want to hear your opinion! Tell us what you think is appropriate during the holidays (and yes, the survey found age, place of residence, and parenthood plays into your habits).

Source: House Beautiful

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